Next Talk  31 May – 10:15 Hansom Hall. 7 months in the Americas without wings –

Travelling in the Americas for 6 months by land and sea, from Canada to Colombia 
Crossing the Atlantic on cargo ships, helping on sailing boats, volunteering in the Belizian jungle living with tarantulas, being hosted in a Mayan village, considering the impact of travellers on the local economy, working on a boat through the Panama Canal, volunteering with social and environmental projects, being hosted by locals, exploring jungle-covered Mayan ruins, hiking up a volcano to watch its erupting neighbour on Christmas morning and many, many boats,trains and buses!

Talk by Jessica and Andrew Reeves. Low carbon footprint travel.

Jessie Cooke and Andrew Reeves on a cargo boat during their low-carbon journey to the Americas

24 May 2019Trip to Renee Mackintosh House, (By X7 Bus) -
31 May 20197 weeks in the Americas the low carbon way Jessie Cooke and Andrew Reeves

Weekly travel talks in term time at the Satta Hashem Hall. 

Leicester Adult Education College, 54 Belvoir Street, LE1 6HL. 10:15am – 12 noon.  Price per session £4:50Travel Talks Leicester