Active Travel on Holiday – Cycle-Camping Taster Weekend

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sponsored by Leicester Wheels for All, Ride Leicester, Community Cycles Leicester and Leicester Spokes.

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From 26 to 28 August we ran a free Ride Leicester/Cycle City sponsored event at Leicester Outdoor Pursuits Centre. The aim was to demonstrate how cyclists can help to boost their well-being and cut carbon emissions on holiday. The event was run as a “Proof of Concept” with a view to setting up regular cycle-camping events for cyclists who want to investigate how they might travel actively on holiday. The initiative, also supported by Community Cycles Leicester and Leicester Spokes, has shown how we might launch a programme of events to support Leicester City Council’s active travel policy.

We invited cyclists to register for the event and followed up with an information page (see

The first morning.

Such a brilliant group of cyclists. Thanks to all who came along and took part. Lots of questions were fielded by our experts. Lots of laughs about the ups and downs

The participants preparing to cycle up to King Lear’s Lake.

The group preparing to cycle up to King Lear’s Lake. During the ride we discussed the benefits, pros and cons, good techniques, “best practice” and the highs and lows of cycle-camping that make it such a boost to well-being. We had world-class subject matter experts to guide us! We’d like to do the event every year and establish it as a part of the local cycling scene.

The group pretends for the camera to be exhausted after the led ride up to King Lear’s Lake.
Leicester Spokes arrives to pick up participants for their 40 mile ride.

Originally tweeted by Peter Simmonds (@PeterSimmo) on August 28, 2022.

We ran two rides for our participants. One was a 40-miler road ride with Leicester Spokes. The other was a ride entirely on car-free cycleways up to King Lear’s lake led by Peter and Kevin. We would welcome more pictures of this if anyone has any! The afternoon was spent Bell Boating at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre. It is just one example of the kind of things you might want to do on holiday. Cyclists are, as a group, quite keen to try out adventure sports while on vacation! So it proved for our own group of try-out cycle campers. Below is a shot showing excellent and stylish on-board discipline with the paddles.

Preparing for Bell Boating on Saturday afternoon

The evening talk in the Bushcraft Area by Debs was about how to get the best out of cycle camping with a range of know-how tips and tricks.
Valeria’s well-travelled tent. Like Debs and Jo she has travelled widely including the Arizona Desert and Kurdistan.
A great shot of the Bell Boating event. Its the kind of outdoors event that you can try out at the Outdoor Pursuits Centre.
Final tweet from the taster event
The arrival of Sarah and her family of four. Great packing!

You can read about Sarah’s camping experience at this link >

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