The Secret Garden

On Tuesday 12 April, a group of Bradgate Heights residents visited the Secret Garden at Glenfield Hospital. Here are some photos, videos and articles about the fabulous attraction. We all really enjoyed it and plan to go again sometime. There will be a small cafe and a book nook there, too. The manager is Karen James who is always pleased to greet parties of local people who live and work in the vicinity.

The Secret Garden at Glenfield Hospital
A pictorial history of Mansion House (sometimes Glenfrith House) at Glenfield Hospital

Further reading. You can see more about the walled garden at the following link from Leicestershire and Rutland Gardens Trust (opens in a new window.)

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High Street Mountain. Was High Street a Roman road?

John Poulter

One of our regular speakers, John Poulter, walked the full length of the Lakeland “High Street” in 1968. He gave a presentation for the Roman Roads Research Association and we highly commend it to our audience!

High Street Mountain in Cumbria.  Source Wikipedia.
High Street Mountain. (Source Wikipedia)

At the time John had every reason to believe that the road was Roman, but doubts have arisen since. Comparisons are offered with pictures of other Roman roads traversing high ground in northern Britain, and the author draws upon the experience which he has accumulated since to reach a verdict which is negative. Those watching the presentation may, of course, draw their own conclusions. Highly commended and the video can be viewed here :

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London Visit

September 11 2021

Three Bridges – Asylum Lock – Brent Lodge Park – Alperton Bus Station

Three Bridges Park – Windmill Lane, Souithall
Southall, Middlesex – shot on 11 September 2021
Asylum Dock – the filled-in entrance to what was once a dock dedicated to the Asylum, as it was then called.
Grand Union Canal – Hanwell
Brent Lodge Park – The Wharncliffe Viaduct.
Brent Lodge Park – with the steeple of St Mary’s Church. Fred Secombe, Harry’s brother was once the vicar there
St Mary’s Church, Hanwell
…with a wedding
The little bridge crossing over towards the Golf Links and the Golf Links Estate.
The view across to two of the Golf Links blocks of flats.
Excellent little zoo – Meerkats were my favourite…
Proof that it was once known as the Bunny Park – which is how we all remember it (when it wasn’t being labelled the Monkey Park…

Alperton Bus Station.