GNR Railway Ride 30 Aug 2021

1962 OS Map showing the triangular junction.

The fourteen arch viaduct to the west of Marefield that carried the GNR and LNWR joint line. The triangular junction carried lines to Leicester, Nottingham and Market Harborough

The Marefield Viaduct photographed on a rather dull day.
Ingarsby Station Master’s Hous
Ingarsby Station – Now :Station House, Ingarsby..
The group at Ingarsby
Lowesby Station
Lowesby Statiion showing the name board (mid-right)
Lowesby Station
Walking beneath the viaduct.

Great start to the New Year

Travel Talks Leicester continued with Lockdown video-casts in the New Year. The first three talks of 2021 generated strong interest with one of our sessions, led by returning speaker Ruth McIntosh, already generating an impressive 473 views on our YouTube channel. This is a record for our group.

The three 2021 talks available to view free on demand are:

Ruth McIntosh started our January 2021 lockdown series with “Biking from Bordeaux”. You can see more about this on her blog: Also, check out Ruth’s book, “In Search of Adventure”. Head over to this llink:

Eleanor Davidson folllowed with an innovative approach: “Travels with my books through time and place”. Armchair travelling is almost as good as the real thing says Eleanor who cherished her books from a young age.

On Friday 22 January we welcomed Jan Parsons of Guildford Travel Club who presented “Palestine: Beyond the Wall”.

Jan Parsons’ Palestine: Beyond the Wall – our 40th Lockdown online talk.

Palestine is a land of striking contrasts, from its ancient limestone hills crowned with scattered villages and more recently dense clusters of Israeli settlements, to the vast stretches of the Judean desert, rich in remarkable sites and buildings. Very few tours visit places like Mar Saba, Hisham’s Palace and the palm-shaded oases of this beautiful landscape.

Jan travelled through Palestine in 2017 with the Palestine Exploration Fund, meeting some of the hospitable Palestinian people across the West Bank including Bedouins and the Samaritan community with their ancient customs. In her video we will visit the holy sites in Hebron, a volatile city where tensions run high, Qumran, home to the Dead Sea Scrolls and Temple Mount in Jerusalem – a significant site to the three major world religions. Jan’s talk will also address the impact of the Separation Wall in the context of the more recent history of Palestine.

Southall Travel Sailing

Links for Travel Talks Friday morning sessions

Friday Online Travel Talk 
Our next online Friday morning Travel Talk will be in two parts. Please join part one from 10 10 am and Part Two from 11 10 am.

This presentation will be in two parts. Part one is at 10 15 am You can join the zoom event from 10 10 am Part two begins at 11 15 am – join from 11 10am 

Here are the zoom links

Topic: Travel Talks Zoom Meeting Part 1
Time: 10 15 
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Topic: Travel Talks Zoom Meeting Part 2
Time: 11 15
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The meeting links are also available online at :

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Journey to the Americas – the low-carbon way

Jessie Cooke and Andrew Reeves travelling by cargo ship during their recent low carbon tour.

Travelling in the Americas for 6 months by land and sea, from Canada to Colombia 
Crossing the Atlantic on cargo ships, helping on sailing boats, volunteering in the Belizian jungle living with tarantulas, being hosted in a Mayan village, considering the impact of travellers on the local economy, working on a boat through the Panama Canal, volunteering with social and environmental projects, being hosted by locals, exploring jungle-covered Mayan ruins, hiking up a volcano to watch its erupting neighbour on Christmas morning and many, many boats,trains and buses!